Grow a thriving Subscription Box business - without spending a fortune or it taking all your time - using a proven step-by-step process.

If your subscription box numbers have stagnated and you want to grow...

Or you want to create a subscription box and fast-track your success...

Let's talk about the reality of subscription boxes!

You might already know the profitabliity of having recurring revenue each month and higher profit margins as you're selling direct-to-customer...

...and can see how subscriptions will create a better and deeper understanding of your customers, delighting them month after month (or quarter after quarter)...

Here's what you 
might not know

With the subscription box model, you can reach 6-figure turnover with less than 500 subscribers, and work on your business part time.


  • To reach £100,000 turnover (approx USD $137,000), a £20 subscription box just needs 417 subscribers a month. 
    (That's £20 x 12 months x 417 subscribers = £100,080 turnover)

  • Where a customer currently spends £20 with you, you're likely looking at £60 - £120 now.
    Keep providing value for your customers and they'll stay with you. The average subscription length is 3-6 months.

  • Your cashflow becomes positive.
    Most subscription boxes take orders during a month, then post the following month - so your cashflow works in your favour.

  • Did I mention there's less admin too?
    You're creating one dispatch list each month, and have one mail out day.

  • Post & pack becomes a lot easier.
    One mail out day means you either can bring people in to support you with 'boxing day', or opens up the ability to use a fulfilment centre to pack for you. Some fulfilment centres will work with you at 200 boxes / month going out.

  • You can focus on growing your business.
    Bring in support from a Virtual Assistant to handle your customer service queries, and you can focus on the business. When my subscription box reached £100,000 turnover, my VA was supporting me for only 14hrs a month. And I was working on the business 2-3 days a week.

It's forecast to grow...

UK consumers currently signed up to a subscription box

Forecast growth in the subscription market (pre-Covid19)

Source: Royal Mail, The UK Subscription Box Boom Report (2019)

Can you imagine focussing on the work that lights you up, in the hours you want to work, and creating a legacy business that supports you & your loved ones?

And yet... Even though the reasons for exploring a subscription box are obvious, the path to doing it successfully is anything but.

Why Many Subscription Boxes Fail

(Or, What to Avoid)

You have a great idea for what your subscription box could be, you have it in your mind's eye, excitedly buy the boxes and stickers to brand them up, spend hours looking through supplier websites, decide your first box, and launch!

Tumbleweed blows past.

So you go through the supplier sites again, sure you'll find the perfect mix for your second box, and promote it!

Crickets, and a few unsubscribes from the few you did bring in last month.

And so it continues, each new customer an effort to bring in - and with unsubscribes, you stay at the same level, more or less.


I've seen this so many times. 


This happens when you haven't done the groundwork, are trying to spin all the plates, source stock, grow your audience, and learn everything yourself - and it all gets partly done.

That's exactly why I teach people how to create and grow a successful subscription box. I want you to thrive and create the business that you know you're capable of.

One that supports you, gives you freedom and delights your customers.


I'll walk you step-by-step through how to build a strong foundation and clear understanding of your audience, so your boxes fly out. 

You can skip much of the trial and error, and instead fast-track to a successful subscription box, with tested methods and systems that get results.

The Subscription Box Programme to create a successful, thriving sub box business.

From logistics to design, to delighting your customers, I've created and grown a successful six-figure subscription box from scratch, and I'm here to help you streamline that journey.

Subscription boxes are the KEY business model to know right now, delivering stable income, higher profit margins and systems that can be run smoothly.

(And all while really delivering for your customers.)

Subscription Box Academy is the ONLY programme that...

1. Shows you step-by-step how to set up and run a subscription box.
2. Shortcuts your journey with tried and tested insights & real results. 
3. Saves you time by teaching the systems to run your box smoothly
(& is full of swipe files and guides to fast track your progress).
4. Shows a lean way to launch and grow your box, maximising your budget.
5. Gives you direct access to me through weekly group coaching calls, with the opportunity to dive into any logistical or mindset challenges that you have - every week.

So if you're ready to finally create more ease in your business - while avoiding costly mistakes...

Here's how we'll help you get there.


Module 1

The Thoughtful Telepath's Field Guide

You might already know your customers, but we're going to go much deeper. Once you've completed The Thoughtful Telepath's Field Guide, you'll have an understanding of what they really want, and how you need to create and position your subscription box to deliver for them.

Miss this one, and your subscription box might never really find its audience!

Module Highlights:

  • Depth: Go deep into who your customer really is and what makes them tick.
  • Desire: How you can meet what they want with what you create.
  • Delivery: Choose the ideal frequency for your subscription.
  • Delight: How can your subscription box really delight them?


Module 2

The Transformative Treasure Template

We'll dive deep into the numbers in this module - and if numbers aren't your thing, don't worry, I've got you: The Transformative Treasure Template will walk you through step-by-step.

We'll look at both your profit margins, and what you can expect to pay (lean & 'ideal' versions) for all the aspects of your subscription box.

Know your numbers, and your profit can flourish!

Module Highlights:

  • Lay of the Land: How much a subscription box and its components cost.
  • Lean: How to run a subscription box in a lean way.
  • Lag: Plan out your cashflow and delivery timings.
  • Later: Project ahead to future sales and costs, and how these impact your decisions now.
Module 3

The Magical Unboxing Masterclass

Once you know your customers and your box budget, the creative process begins! The Magical Unboxing Masterclass explores the theatre of unboxing, with all the components you need - and how to decide exactly what to put in each box.

Design an experience that stands out from the crowd and be confident in your plan to delight your customers month after month.

Module Highlights:

  • Sparkle: Be unique in what you deliver.
  • Set the Stage: Decide on your boxes, packaging & print.
  • Seasons: Use seasonality to plan a year of content.
  • Suppliers: Options to find supplies for your boxes.
Module 4

The Calm Creation Code

We head into logistics now, and how you'll actually deliver your boxes to your customers.

Once you've completed The Calm Creation Code you'll know how to deliver your boxes (now and in future), and the costs and processes involved.

Miss this step, and it can have a key impact on your finances - and the systems you'll create in the next two modules.

Module Highlights:

  • Clarity: Get clear on your options and decide how you want to pack and deliver your boxes.
  • Commission: Find the best people to work with to deliver your boxes (in-house or fulfilment).
  • Communication: Communication strategies (& swipe files) to ensure each box is packed perfectly.
  • Customer Service: Handling customer queries around delivery and returns. 
Module 5

The Creative Customer Converter

Each stage of your customer's journey builds their relationship with your brand and subscription box. Create meaningful relationships (care about your customers each step of the way), and you have long-term subscribers.

The Creative Customer Converter steps out how to see every element of their journey from your customer's point of view, over-deliver - and create systems to automate and simplify the process.

Focus on the relationships you have with your existing customers and you'll keep them for much longer!

Module Highlights:

  • Path: Map out your full customer journey and touch points.
  • Personality: Inject your writing and content with your personality.
  • Productivity: Done-for-you email templates for the most common emails you'll need.
  • Personal touch: Customer service throughout the journey - who and how.
Module 6

The Timorous Technophobe's Toolkit

Time to tame the tech! Use The Timorous Technophobe's Toolkit to choose which recurring payment processor to use, how you'll communicate with customers and your fulfilment centre (if you have one), and integrate these together.

Set up simple systems to deliver an excellent experience for your customers.

Module Highlights:

  • Recurring: Decide the right recurring payment option for you.
  • Responsive: How you'll manage automated communication with customers.
  • Relate: Join the dots to make sure customers are cared for, and orders delivered.


Module 7

The Marvellous Marketing Mix

Use the levers for growth of The Marvellous Marketing Mix to widen your audience, retain subscribers and increase profit. You'll learn the key areas to focus your attention and measure growth to increase your subscriber numbers.

Learn the key ways to market your subscription box and retain subscribers!  

Module Highlights:

  • Regulate: What the levers for growth are and how they apply to subscriptions.
  • Reach: Bring in new audiences for your subscription box.
  • Retain: Turn curious shoppers into raving fans.
  • Referral: Use the power of your audience to grow.

Each module is released one week apart, and you'll have immediate access to Module 1.


You have lifetime access to The Subscription Box Academy Programme

Including 7 core modules, videos, worksheets, templates and swipe files designed to help you grow your subscription box business.

PLUS - Direct support from me

8 x Weekly Group Coaching Calls

In addition to the programme, I'll be there to support you for 8 weeks through weekly group coaching calls.

Bring your Power Question to each call, and get direct support to really help you move the needle in your business, break through mindset blocks and get traction.

Those sticking points, the challenges you’re facing, the times it feels like you can’t get traction or struggle to take action - we go right into those so you can release any blocks that are stopping you and move forward quickly.

All calls are recorded.

And that's not all!

The Little Black Book of Suppliers (UK)

When you enroll in Subscription Box Academy, you'll also receive my Little Black Book of Suppliers - over 50 suppliers I've used or had recommended to me (think packaging, printing, photography, fulfilment centres, general stock...).

This will save you days of scrolling through Google and hoping for the best.

"This alone was worth the full price of Subscription Box Academy - you've saved me so much time!"

Value £497 - Included as a bonus

The Subscription Box Launch Plan

If you're getting ready to launch your subscription box, the Launch Plan will walk you through the key stages, what to do and talk about with your audience.

It also includes a week-by-week guide to step out your tasks and promotion.

Value £227 - Included as a bonus


Your bonuses will be available 14 days after starting the course.

Risk Free Guarantee

I'm confident this programme is going to accelerate your subscription box journey to creating the business and lifestyle you'd love, so here's my guarantee to you. 

When you join, you'll immediately get access to the first module. It's full of content that's vital no matter your stage of business. If you do the worksheets from Module 1, but don't feel this programme is the right fit for you after 10 days, I'll refund you in full.

That's how sure I am that you'll start to feel traction to creating or growing your subscription box and be excited to continue.

If after 10 days you don't feel it's right for you, just let me know, share your completed worksheets from Module 1 to show you've been taking action, and I'll arrange the refund. No problem.

"I'd highly recommend Subscription Box Academy - it really is a 'must do' course for ensuring a successful launch."

"Subscription Box Academy covers everything I needed to know to start up my new subscription box venture. The modules are well thought out and jam packed with great advice and tips.

Moira is always on hand to answer any queries and gave me the confidence to set my launch date just a few weeks into the course.

Her enthusiasm for the subscription box model coupled with years of successfully running her own box makes her the ideal person to show you the easy way to get started. 

I'm feeling excited and nervous about my forthcoming launch, but also confident that I have been given all the necessary tools to make it a success. 

I'd highly recommend Moira and her Subscription Box Academy - it really is a 'must do' course for ensuring a successful launch."

"Moira shares her trade secrets - I was blown away by how much content there was, it's incredibly thorough and definitely value for money."

"If you're considering a subscription box for your business then I'd highly recommend Moira’s Subscription Box Academy. The course is very in depth and covers everything you need to learn and understand.

Moira shares her trade secrets and talks you through all aspects of running a subscription business. In fact I was blown away by how much content there was, it's incredibly thorough and definitely value for money. 

Moira is so open and approachable and you feel you have her on your side throughout the course. She's there whenever you need to get in touch with any queries. I have learnt and am learning so much and cannot believe that I am about to launch my dream!"


Saj Fareed
Pull and Pin

Here's what you'll get when you enroll today:

Lifetime access to the Complete Subscription Box Academy Programme - £2,247 Value

(7 modules, with videos, PDF guides, swipe files and templates)


8 x Weekly Group Coaching Calls with Moira - £997 Value


BONUS - The Subscription Box Little Black Book (UK) - £497 Value

  • The Little Black Book of Suppliers for packaging, printing, photography, fulfilment general stock and more - to save you days of scrolling through Google!


BONUS - The Subscription Box Launch Plan - £227 Value

  • The bonus step-by-step guide to launching your subscription box, walking you through the key stages, what to do and talk about with your audience week-by-week.

Total Value: £3,900+

When you add it all up, that’s a value of over £3,900.

But when you enroll today, you’ll get access to everything for just:



Pay Monthly

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Frequently Asked Questions

"I started my subscription box business without thinking I needed support. But with Moira, I can honestly say this has been fast-tracked. I know I will reach whatever target I set!"

"Earlier this year I started converting my previous business into a subscription box and came across Subscription Box Academy. I quickly decided it would be a very valuable investment and signed up!

Having started the journey already, I was really eager to receive the modules each week and found the coaching invaluable.

The course was packaged into easily accessible bite-sized pieces with tasks to really channel your ideas each week. There's lots of valuable content to refer to throughout the course (and ongoing).

Moira really helped me to organise my personal journey, showing me how to prioritise what to work on first. She has a wealth of knowledge and was always able to find solutions and give support when it was needed.

I started my subscription box business without thinking I needed support but knew it would take me a while to get there.

With Moira, I can honestly say this has been fast-tracked by a lot of months and I’m also confident that (with Moira’s help) the business model is right. I’m now approaching my fourth month of box sales and have been sending out more than 60 boxes for the last two months!

With Moira’s continued support I know I will reach whatever target I set!"

Subscription Box Academy is PERFECT for you if… 

  1. Your subscription box has been running a while, but your subscriber numbers are stuck or growing too slowly. 
  2. Or - you're about to launch or have recently launched a subscription box, and want to fast track your growth.
  3. You want to add another income stream to your existing business.
  4. You don't want to move to bigger premises (or have any premises) or hire more / any employees.⁣⁠
  5. You want to grow your business from your profits - not reach out to investors.⁣⁠
  6. You want to learn how to grow your business in a way that CREATES FREEDOM and lets you focus on the work that lights you up.⁣⁠
  7. You're an action taker who takes responsibility for their success.
  8. You want to see results quickly, and follow a proven roadmap to get there.


Subscription Box Academy is NOT A GOOD FIT for you if...

  1. You're looking for a done-for-you business in a box. I'll teach you what you need to know, but you'll need to put in the work!
  2. You already have a subscription box turning over £100k+ and want to grow it from 6 to 7 figures. This programme will go through all the essentials (some you might need to tighten up on!) but the modules on sourcing supplies and technology will assume the subscription box is new or new-ish. If you're looking for support scaling up, learn more about other ways to work with me.

If you said yes to the 'perfect fit' questions, I can't wait to see you inside Subscription Box Academy!

Here's the details again:


Lifetime access to the Complete Subscription Box Academy Programme - £2,247 Value

(7 modules, with videos, PDF guides, swipe files and templates)


8 x Weekly Group Coaching Calls with Moira - £997 Value


BONUS - The Subscription Box Little Black Book (UK) - £497 Value

  • The Little Black Book of Suppliers for packaging, printing, photography, fulfilment general stock and more - to save you days of scrolling through Google!


BONUS - The Subscription Box Launch Plan - £227 Value

  • The bonus step-by-step guide to launching your subscription box, walking you through the key stages, what to do and talk about with your audience week-by-week.

Total Value: £3,900+

When you add it all up, that’s a value of over £3,900.

But when you enroll today, you’ll get access to everything for just:



Pay Monthly

5 Monthly Payments of





Pay Upfront

1 Single Payment of




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Still on the fence?

If this is tugging at you - if you're getting the nudge that this might be exactly what you need...


You have questions, or you're not sure it's right for you / your business, let's have a chat.

I call them clarity calls (not sales calls) because they're exactly that - it's about seeing if this is the right fit for what you need.

The calls are around 20 minutes, we'll look at your goals and where you want to get to, and if I can help you get there.

And I'll tell you if I'm not the right person - I've no interest in persuading you into something that isn't the best for you.

Sound good?