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Subscription Box Strategic Planning

Create a clear, tactical plan for your sub box growth!

This mini course takes you through the mindset and practical aspects of creating goals, giving you a clear vision for what you want to achieve in the next 12 months, and a concrete plan for the next 90 days.

Your calendar is in front of you.
Where do you start?

✨ If you love planning and strategy, but have a love / hate relationship with setting yourself targets and goals...

✨ If you want to do all the things but aren't sure what to prioritise first...

✨ If you're excited by planning out the next 12 months, but don't want to 'waste' it...

Then this course is for you.

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Subscription Box Strategic Planning will give you the mindset shifts and structure to plan your coming year from the strongest place.

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You'll learn:

✨  Why 'goals' don't work for most people, and what to use instead.

✨  How confirmation bias - and how you see yourself - makes a huge difference to achieving what you set out to do.

✨  You'll get clarity on exactly what your priorities are this coming year, and the focussed steps to take over the next 3 months.

✨  The quick practice I use to help you tap into your inner wisdom when you're not sure of the 'correct' next step.

✨  How to set a realistic calendar for making your goals happen.

✨  The gentle review process to keep you on track, without beating yourself up!

Here's the key details:

✨  It's a pre-recorded workshop so you can work through it in your own time.

✨  You'll have at least a year's access to the recording of the workshop - so you can come back to this process to set new actions each quarter.

After this time, if the workshop is ever removed, we'll give you at least a month's notice so you can download any elements you want to keep after a year. 

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Plus - Bonus Time!

Private Student Facebook Group 

When you sign up for The Subscription Box Strategic Planning Workshop, you’ll be invited to my private student Facebook group, Moira’s Sub Box & Business Hangout. 🎉

This is the place I’m most active, and full of other incredible business owners like you! And… I do Monthly Office Hours Q&A calls in there, so you can get all your questions answered!

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Free Printable Daily Planner

This is the exact planner I use to keep me on track with my big vision goals each day - and it's ready for you to print and use.

It includes:

  • Your focussed priorities
  • Agenda for the day
  • Task list
  • Prompt to capture what you'd like to outsource next
  • Space to capture ideas to work on next

Ready to make the most of your year?

Join me for this mini course and create your clear Subscription Box Strategic Plan

Join Subscription Box Strategic Planning for just:


Join the Workshop!

(Exchange rates fluctuate, but at the time of writing $97 USD is approx UK £71, $135 AUD, $123 CAD, $131 SGD, €85 Euro. You can check more currencies here.)

Subscription Box Strategic Planning is perfect for you if:

💡 You want to have the structure, space and time to plan out your vision and priorities for the next few months.

💡 You've found goal setting challenging in the past - if you don't meet them, you feel like rubbish - so resist setting them now.

💡 You want a gentle - but accountable and impactful - way to approach goal setting.

💡 You want to learn more about how your mindset and thinking impact the outcomes you're achieving (and how to uplevel that quickly).

💡 You want to get clarity on your vision and what you want to do in the next year.

💡 You want specific action steps in place, and a clear path of priorities for the coming weeks and months.

💡 You want a process you can stick to each day / week, not a notebook full of plans that you never look at.

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On the other hand, you may want to skip this if...

💡 You're excellent at setting yourself stretch goals and achieving them, while feeling good in the process (no hustle, hustle, hustle!)

💡 You're looking for a workshop on how to plan the contents of your boxes each month - we're not covering that in this session (maybe in future!).

Frequently Asked Questions

Join Subscription Box Strategic Planning and make the most of your coming year.

Just $97

Join the Workshop!

(Exchange rates fluctuate, but at the time of writing $97 USD is approx UK £71, $135 AUD, $123 CAD, $131 SGD, €85 Euro. You can check more currencies here.)