Let's talk about Outsourcing

Think you're not ready to outsource yet?

Think again! It's of the key things that'll help you grow your business, so let's explore what that could look like for you.

If your business is creating a living for you (even a meagre one just now), you're almost certainly ready for some support.

If you're already outsourcing, what's next for you? How can you truly focus on working in your genius zone and making the most of your support team?

Some outsourcing myths...

You need a lot of money
Nope, you can start small (one of my businesses started with a £30 / $40 monthly budget for design work), then grow as your profits grow.

You need to have employees / office space
You can have virtual support from freelancers who'll do a specific - or ongoing - project for you. You're in control of the brief, budget, and how long the project lasts. They bill you for the hours worked, and you pay them. 

I'll be quicker doing it myself
Did you just say that?! I'm kidding, I know some tasks feel that way, but start with the repetitive tasks that drain your energy and see how much va-va-voom and time you get back.

I don't know where to begin
That's one of the things I teach! You'll find some free guides below to get you started thinking around this, and if you need support (and a shortcut!), I can guide you through your exact situation.

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Useful FREE Guides

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How to Outsource to a VA (Virtual Assistant)

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The Small Business Guide to Fulfilment Centres

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5 Key Tasks to Outsource in Your Product Business

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