Let's talk about Mindset

Your mind is beautiful

It's those little barriers & safety precautions in there that stop you taking action, make you question your ability, and tempt you with shiny things that can pull you off course.

The most successful entrepreneurs recognise when these roadblocks come up, negotiate them carefully, and keep a keen eye out for new ones.

And are gentle with themselves if they sometimes get detoured along the way.

Our brains just want to protect us.

Do something new and scary?
It's more comfortable over here.

Be visible in our business?
Much safer to keep your head down in case someone says something.

Go through the mild discomfort of rewriting your website copy?
Ooh, look at this picture of a dog in a pink sombrero!

It's a very nervy, anxious system that hasn't evolved to recognise that scheduling a social media post is not the same as going through a tiger-infested forest. 

The best way to handle it is to recognise when it's trying to protect you and say,

"Thank you lovely brain, I know you're looking out for me, but I've got it from here."

Sometimes easier said than done!

I've shared some free guides below to help you develop your business mindset, with practical action steps.

And if you need support to get to the next level in your product business (and shortcut the journey!), let's have a chat.

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Useful FREE Guides

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The Key Mindset Shift To Get Past Procrastination

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Your Genius Zone & How to Spend More Time There

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Use the Power of Incremental Goals to Grow your Business

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