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Does this sound familiar?

You’re SO proud of your product business, how you've grown it and what you do.

But although your job title might be Managing Director, you're only doing that a couple of hours a week (if you're lucky!) and you're fed up managing bitty things, packing boxes and doing admin.

And now coronavirus has hit, and it's a full time job just to keep the plates spinning.

You know what burnout is, you can see it REALLY clearly in the rear view mirror, and you know something needs to change.


That's where I can help you

I’m a business strategist, coach and entrepreneur – I know exactly where you are right now; the frustrations, the excitement – and yes, the twang of fear that you might have to go back to a day job.

I can support you with both the practicalities – auditing what is and isn’t working, finding the right systems & processes to support you, outsourcing or growing your team – and the inner work; the mindset shifts, the not-so-subtle nudges to adjust direction, the blocks that create procrastination.

Ready for things to change?


The Subscription Box programme to transition you from ‘idea’ to successfully selling your subscription boxes in less than 3 months.




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Simplicity, elegant systems, ease. Imagine moving a lever and the cogs turning in your business, making it easy for you to focus on growth. Or spending time with your family. Or watching Tiger King. (I won't judge, honest!)

I'll help you get clarity on what's making profit and bringing you joy - then we put the systems you need in place around that.

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If coronavirus has radically shifted how you reach your customers, let's look at how to create more joy and delight for them by post, and a more stable income for you.

I've successfully grown a six figure subscription box business and can show you how to do the same with your existing customer base and products.


The Laser-focussed Strategy Session

£225 (60 minutes)

We can do a lot in an hour!

Bring the problem that’s challenging you most to the table, or get clarity on how to move forward if you’re feeling stuck.

Examples of the kind of thing we can cover:

  • Your whole business model needs to change with coronavirus and you need a good brainstorm of options - and how to use the stock / premises / team you already have.
  • You’re absolutely knackered in your business, suddenly become a home school parent, and don’t know how to grow, what to focus on or what to release.
  • You’re working your socks off, turning over more money but your profits feel disappointing (I’ve a pair of wading boots that are just perfect for jumping into those numbers with you).
  • You need a business pep talk to re-spark your inspiration and get you excited about the future again.

My focus is always on listening to you, helping you get to the heart of what you want to do, and creating a concrete action plan to get there.

I’ll send you a pre-call questionnaire so we can hit the ground running, and follow up with action points after the call.

You can book straight into my diary here:

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Looking for sustained support to grow to a new level, pivot or accelerate your business?

If you're ready to make significant change in your business and quality of life, and are looking for support over a longer time period, let's have a chat.

You don’t need to do this by yourself & you certainly don’t need to feel like you’re wading through treacle to have a business you love.

I’m here to help you take that leap, shortcut the journey – and to encourage, empower, challenge and support you all the way.

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“You really listen, get to know what I want to achieve, then challenge me in a good way and look at angles I’ve not thought of.

You took in the bigger picture of who I am and gave me the confidence to say what was right for me, making challenges seem simple and giving me the steps to walk through them.

It’s like a fog has lifted, I’m back on track & clear headed. When I need to grow again, I’ll be contacting you. You’ve just got it.”

Krishna Patel


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“It's been a really positive experience working with you. I wasn't confident developing this new element of my business on my own.

You've been incredibly thorough, brilliant at problem solving & you have a great eye for detail. You were patient when I didn't fully understand something & quick to respond to any queries I had.

You've also given me the tools to be able to work on those aspects of my business on my own now.”

Carole Fenwick


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“I hadn’t worked with a coach before and I was worried it might be intrusive. But with you, everything was constructive and positive and you’ve always got a solution that helps. You’re a mine of information.

When you start a business, you have all these grand ideas but then end up splashing around in the shallows, not sure what to do… You help me clarify and sort and order, and keep alive those dreams and remind me that they are possible.”

Liz Farley

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