One-to-one Support

Sometimes, you want one-to-one support.

Direct access to someone who’s been there, who gets it, and can rapidly help you avoid the pitfalls, get traction and steer clear of expensive mistakes.

A personalised roadmap, the yoda to your Skywalker, the parking sensor that beeps when you're about to hit a wall.

But one-to-one support is much more than that.

Practicalities + Mindset = Traction

I can support you with both the practicalities of your subscription box – your goals, the finances, the marketing, the logistics and systems, and the exact steps to get there – and the inner work; the mindset shifts, the blocks that create procrastination, and the not-so-subtle nudges to adjust direction.



How does it work?

The support is very much tailored to you and what you need.

Is it to solve a specific issue quickly?

A deep-dive into where your business is now and your focus for the next 3 - 6 months?

Or are you looking for intensive support, with me right next to you in your business, to help you to make your goals happen quickly?

I offer Strategy Sessions, VIP Accelerator Days and Private Coaching in addition to my group programme, Subscription Box Academy.

If you're not sure what's best for you, let's have a chat and we'll work that out. You can arrange a free Clarity Call with me here.


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What's my background?

Well, hello there! 

I'm Moira, I'm the founder and Director of a successful six-figure subscription box, and Coach for small business owners.

My subscription box, Craftiosity, has sent tens of thousands of boxes to our subscribers - but I started with just 22 in the first month, packing them on the kitchen table, and grew with the profits from the business.

(And you can too. I'm here to help you fast-track that.)

I now have a small virtual team (so work from my office at home, sometimes with a cat in my lap), and a fulfilment centre handles creating and delivering our boxes.

What makes it a successful business? It's not just turnover - it's having a healthy profit - and a happy (virtual) team, happy customers, and the freedom to run my business in the way I want.

Sound good? Let's have a chat.


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What Clients Say

Your down-to-earth, caring nature - and your fantastic business-minded approach - have been a breath of fresh air.

I found myself in a situation where I wasn’t really focusing on what my heart wanted to do and my head was in jumble of what direction to go in. I was in a pickle!

I had an expectation that perhaps a coach would be a bit of a robot and dis-connected to the human nature of the relationship but you have been anything but that! Your down-to-earth, caring nature put together with your obvious fantastic business minded approach have been a breath of fresh air during the process.

Before working with you, I hesitated about paying for a coach - whether paying out for someone to help me would be of benefit - would it be a waste of time and money and would I just be in the same place after the experience?

But this has been one of the most positive decisions I have made so far in my experience as a freelance designer. If money didn’t dictate, you would be my coach indefinitely.

You have been my rock through all this, especially through the current crazy climate of a pandemic!

Megan Carter

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You're a mine of information. You've always got a solution that helps.

I hadn’t worked with a coach before and I was worried it might be intrusive. Everything I’ve done so far with my business represents a decision I’ve made. I thought a coach might challenge those decisions in a way that felt critical - and some coaches I’d found seemed so irritating and smug!

But with you, everything was constructive and positive and you've always got a solution that helps. You’re a mine of information, I always come away with things that are really helpful - and the accountability has been great. I get things done because I know I’ll be speaking to you.

It also helped that I could see that you’d already had success with your own business - that was attractive!

When you start a business, you have all these grand ideas but then end up splashing around in the shallows, not sure what to do… You help clarify and sort and order, and keep alive those dreams and remind me that they are possible.

Liz Farley

You’re so insightful.

It's like you've come in and helped me clean my mental house out and get it organised.

You really listen, get to know what I want to achieve, then challenge me in a good way and look at angles I’ve not thought of.

Working with you helped me filter what I needed to focus on - not just the tasks in my business, you took in the bigger picture of who I am. You gave me the confidence to say what was right for me and build me back up again.

You made those challenges seem simple and gave me the steps to walk through them. It's like a fog has lifted, I’m back on track & clear headed.

When I need to grow again, I’ll be contacting you. You’ve just got it.

Krishna Patel
Dilishique Curry Pastes

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You've been incredibly thorough, brilliant at problem solving & you have a great eye for detail.

It's been a really positive experience working with you.

I wasn't confident developing this new product line on my own.

You've been incredibly thorough, brilliant at problem solving & you have a great eye for detail. You were patient when I didn't fully understand something & quick to respond to any queries I had.

You've also given me the tools to be able to work on those aspects of my business on my own now.

Carole Fenwick

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