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Unboxing Round-up


You've seen unboxing videos, right? 

A reviewer looks over the latest subscription box, talks through what's included and what they like - and gives it their thumbs up or thumbs down.

We're giving unboxing videos a Subscription Box Academy twist...

These unboxings are created to inspire you - fellow subscription box owner - to look at how you can launch, improve or create more impact with your box.

As always, this is about inspiration, not replication! 

Look for concepts from boxes outside your niche, and consider if there's inspiration you can take for your own audience. E.g.,


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Should You Personalise Your Subscription Box?


The question ‘Should I offer personalisation for my subscription box?’ comes up often when people ask me about starting a subscription box business.

So let's dive into this one! Here's the video transcription...


First up, let’s define ‘personalisation’.

Imagine a customer visits your website and sees a range of subscription options, e.g.: 

  1. If you have a fitness clothing subscription box, you offer the option to give their colour preferences ‘I like blue or pink’.
  2. On a beauty or makeup subscription box website,...
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Touchpoints & Your Subscription Box Customer Journey


If you want to improve your subscription box conversion rate, this post's for you!

Here's the video transcript...

So what's a 'Customer Journey'?

Well, you'll know this from your own life experience. It's the steps or the process you go through from first coming across a brand or product, thinking it's interesting and choosing to keep it in mind, to eventually buying.

You might follow that company on social media or sign up for their newsletter, or they might retarget you through Facebook or Google ads.

Generally, people don't buy immediately, they need a number of...

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How to Find Products For Your Subscription Box


If you're starting a subscription box business or have recently launched, finding suppliers for your box might be top of your to-do list!

Let's talk about suppliers and where you can find them - for any industry.


Early Stages

If you're in the early stages, you might be looking for suppliers for the box itself, for the packaging, for the print that you're going to put into your box - or you're looking for contents for your box, and how you keep it fresh and exciting for your subscribers every month.

Either way, it partly depends on how many subscribers you have - and the quantity...

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3 Tips to Grow Your Subscribers


Stuck on the same subscriber numbers?

People visiting your subscription box website but not buying?

Let's look at 3 top tips to grow your subscription box audience... here's the transcript:


Before you start looking for new subscribers, you need to get some of the ground work done, so when they reach your website or come across your social media, they're excited by what they see. 

How do you do that?


1. Excellent Photographs

Are your photographs well lit? Are they showing off your box to its best possible advantage? Are people really getting an idea of what your box...

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