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Why Searching For ‘How to Find New Customers’ Shouldn’t Be Your Priority

If you keep looking for the secret sauce to find more customers (and find yourself down an internet rabbit warren), you’re searching for the wrong thing.

Before you google the best way to find new customers, I’m willing to bet you already know.

The issue isn’t that you need a magic formula, it’s that you need the time to do the work.

The Facebook ads.

The opt-in for your email list.

The setting up your customer journey so you turn new potential customers into raving fans.

If we sat down for 15 minutes (comfy cushions, lots of plants, a cracking mug of...

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How Being Outcome Focussed Will Transform Your Small Business

If you feel like you’re not getting enough done each day, these quick tweaks will make a massive difference to your business.

Do you remember this?

It’s 3.40pm. 

You go and make yourself a cup of coffee using your favourite office mug, sit down at your desk, hit refresh on your emails, look over the desk dividers for someone to talk to, scroll through those emails that aren’t urgent again.

It’s 3.46pm.

You sigh and flump in your grey office chair.

When will that clock move around to 5.30pm??

Clock watching no more...

Well, my lovely friend, those...

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