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How to pivot your Product Business during the Coronavirus

There’s so much to be said about the current situation - and many are saying it in different ways - but I really want to focus on hope right now.

If you’re running a product business or shop, I know you’ll be dealing with a tonne of stuff, working out how to stay afloat, and wondering / fearing what the future might look like.

 (...and all while you have the kids home!)

 So a couple of gentle reminders, then let’s dive into what the future could (positively) look like.


Gentle Reminder 1 - Focus on what you can control

There’s a lot of...

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How to get Financial Clarity in your Business


If the idea of knowing the numbers in your business makes your stomach leap, this one’s for you!

I know, I know - numbers!

But those little digits are what will ultimately help you create the life you’re dreaming of, and help you make wise decisions on your way there.

They hold a huge amount of information - and the better informed you are, the quicker you grow, and the more money you create or save in your bank account.

I’m covering how to get financial clarity in your business if you don’t already have it…

…and what to look out for when you have those...

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5 Key Tasks to Outsource in your Business


You’re flat out in your business, you have a bit of cash spare to get some virtual support, and you’re ready to bring in help to grow your business further.

High fives!! That’s a great place to be.

But once you start to think about outsourcing some elements of your business, the next question is usually, ‘What do I outsource?!’

Having helped many others go through the same process, there’s 5 key things small businesses usually turn to first.

Curious about what they are?

Let’s dive in! Play the video above, or you'll find the transcript below.


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Use the Power of Incremental Goals to Grow your Business


Have you ever felt stuck, with the same big dream on the vision board year after year, but you don’t feel you’re moving towards it?

Incremental Goals are about to become your best friend!

When you can’t leap from A to Z or feel you’re wading through treacle, incremental goals will get you there.

They’re the small, definitive steps that start you moving in the right direction and build on each other to get to that big goal.

They also minimise any fear you have of growing your business (and stop any sneaky self-sabotage), as you move up from your comfort zone to...

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What Your Genius Zone Is, and How to Spend More Time There


Your ‘Genius Zone’ sounds like a nice place to be, right?

The ‘Zone of Genius’ is a term initially coined by Gay Hendricks in his excellent book, The Big Leap, and refers to the place we’re in when we’re doing the work we love the most, that comes easily to us and makes us fly.

It also is where people respond most to what we do or create – the really juicy stuff that sets us apart from everyone else….

…and we all have one!

It’s a great place to work from, so I’m exploring what your genius zone is, how to...

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The Small Business Guide to Fulfilment Centres


If you thought fulfilment centres were only for big companies like Amazon, you’re missing a key way to grow your product or subscription box business – and give you more freedom.

Hands up if you *love* packing boxes?!

Okay, some of you organised folk (like me) may get a lot of satisfaction in packing up boxes and sending them out to your customers – but if you’re a solopreneur and the CEO of your small business, it’s really not the best use of your precious time.

Fulfilment centres allow you to send your stock, packaging and print materials...

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The 3 Key Email Automations for Small Businesses


If automations seem like something bigger companies do, or (ironically!) something you don’t have time to set up, let’s keep it nice and simple so you can improve your connection with your customers – and save yourself some time.

 We all have moments where we’d love to clone ourselves, right?

There’s too much to do, there’s only one of you, and time’s marching on whether you’ve got the beat or not.

So let’s make it easy for ourselves.

Email automations are a small businesses’ best friend – they save...

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The Key Mindset Shift To Get Past Procrastination


When you’re procrastinating around tasks that you know are likely to move your business forward, it’s often resistance and fear getting in your way.

But how do we shift that fear?

It’s a fickle creature and there are many ways to come at. Today, I’m sharing my favourite mindset shift to reframe any resistance you’re feeling.

You know, the knotting feeling in your stomach…

… the thing that’s been on every to do list you’ve written in the last few months

… the task that guilt trips you every time someone...

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How to Outsource to a Virtual Assistant (VA)


As your business grows, you’ll eventually hit a wall (if you haven’t already!) where you know you can’t keep doing everything yourself.

I know, you’d love to be Wonder Woman and keep control of all the spinning plates, but that’s not helping you move forward!

Once you’ve validated your business and it’s making money, smart outsourcing to a virtual assistant (or multiple VAs) will be the thing that really grows your income and business to the next level.

You’ve probably heard this before.

But let me guess, there’s some...

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3 Ways To Create Goals That Light You Up


If you’ve tried setting goals and found you miss or ignore them, or you’ve been hesitant to set them in the first place, you might have been coming at them in the wrong way.

There’s plenty of information out there about how to set SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely), and while that has a value, it doesn’t address how to work out what you really want in your heart in the first place.

How often do you sit down with a blank piece of paper to set goals and really struggle to know what to write?

Well, you’re NOT...

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