Use the Power of Incremental Goals to Grow your Business


Have you ever felt stuck, with the same big dream on the vision board year after year, but you don’t feel you’re moving towards it?

Incremental Goals are about to become your best friend!

When you can’t leap from A to Z or feel you’re wading through treacle, incremental goals will get you there.

They’re the small, definitive steps that start you moving in the right direction and build on each other to get to that big goal.

They also minimise any fear you have of growing your business (and stop any sneaky self-sabotage), as you move up from your comfort zone to your stretch zone – rather than leaping from your comfort zone to panic zone (I explain more below!)

I’ve also included a real walk-through example of how they work, with a FREE worksheet to help you step out your next big dream.

Let’s dive in! You’ll find the video above, or the transcript below.


The gap from ‘I’m here now and I want to be all the way over here’ can be extremely frustrating - but incremental upgrades will move you forward and get you there.


Here's the video transcript

Let’s talk about Incremental Goals or upgrades – why they’re so powerful and why you should embrace them in your business.

What are Incremental Goals?

They’re are pretty much exactly as they sound, it’s the upgrades you take in smaller steps towards any big goal you have.

This concept can seem alien to us because, for example:

  • We’re stuck in an office job and we dream of working for ourselves full time.
  • We’re doing everything ourselves in our business and dream of having a support system and a team / virtual team in place, so we can do the tasks we love the most and make our business fly.
  • Or, we’re making money in our business but it’s not bringing enough home for us – it’s just keeping us afloat and we dream of getting to a 6-figure turnover.

So these gaps from ‘I’m here now and I want to be all the way over here’ can be extremely frustrating, especially if you’ve been in that position for a while. If you’ve been feeling stuck, then I have some excellent news for you…

The Incremental goals will move you forward and get you there…


The Comfort Zone, Stretch Zone, Panic Zone Model

Incremental doesn’t necessarily mean slow, I’m not suggesting you have to incrementally, over a decade, get to another place – but once you start taking incremental steps in the direction you want to head, traction can happen quite quickly and other things fall into place.

It also means it’s not as scary…

Have you come across “The Comfort Zone, Stretch Zone, Panic Zone Model?”

Comfort Zone 

We’re all familiar with our Comfort Zone – these are things we do where we’re really at ease doing them, we’re relaxed around them, it could be situations or actions we take.

This will be different for all of us because we’ve all got different life experiences and those have moulded what’s normal for us and in our comfort zone.

Stretch Zone

Our Stretch Zone takes us out into things we’re not used to doing, they stretch us out beyond our comfort zone, embracing change or embracing something new.

This could be scary at times, but you’re comfortable with that level of fear. You’re willing to try new things in the stretch zone.

Once you’ve done things in your stretch zone, they’ll become part of your comfort zone – because you’ve done them, you know how they work, you’re quite happy about them.

So, you’re constantly expanding what your comfort zone is – and that means you’re expanding what your next stretch zone is.

Panic Zone 

However, outside your stretch zone is your Panic Zone – and your body properly goes into panic mode when you do things in this zone – you stop functioning properly.

This doesn’t have to mean you’re about to jump out of plane, it can be also be doing things which are in your panic zone around your business.

But, keep in mind as you do more in your stretch zone, you’re growing your comfort zone and as you’re growing your comfort zone, things that might have once been in your panic zone fall into your stretch zone – and will eventually be your comfort zone too.

So, rather than trying to leap from your comfort zone to your panic zone and trigger a self-sabotage response (where you want to get back to your comfort zone as rapidly as possible), incremental steps allow you to expand those comfort zones and get you to where you want to be.


Here’s a practical example…

Say you’re exhausted in your business and dream of spending your time doing the tasks that you most love doing, instead of being bogged down with the bitty things that you just don’t love.

Here’s what your incremental steps might look like…

  • You get a bookkeeper to sort out your finances and give you financial clarity.
  • With that clarity you might then decide what your budget is, that you’re willing to put towards getting some support each month (and you can start small with this, I’ve blogged before on How to Outsource to a Virtual Assistant).
  • You get clear on the tasks that you want to release, so you keep a note of the things that niggle or annoy you, and get an overview of what you might want to outsource.
  • You find a Virtual Assistant who can help you and start doing those tasks
  • With the time you free up, you spend more time in your ‘Genius Zone doing those tasks that will really make you fly, that set up apart from everyone else (and that your customers absolutely adore you for).
  • You grow your business from this, make more profit, and then decide to allocate a little more of that profit to delegating.
  • You give away some more of the tasks that you don’t love doing, and spend even more time doing the things that really make you fly.
  • Your business keeps growing and you keep doing your best work.

So in that example, you’re not going to jump from being in a place of uncertainty and not quite sure if you’ve got the budget to pay for virtual support or what you would ask them to do, to having them do 20 hours a week for you. You’re going to have incremental steps that will take you there.

I’m sure there’s a big dream that you’d love to be taking more action towards…

So I’ve created a worksheet for you – use it work out the next steps to take to move you towards it.

I hope you find this useful, and embrace this incremental goal concept – it’s made a huge difference for my business, and I think it’ll make a real change for you too.

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