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So what's a 'Customer Journey'?

Well, you'll know this from your own life experience. It's the steps or the process you go through from first coming across a brand or product, thinking it's interesting and choosing to keep it in mind, to eventually buying.

You might follow that company on social media or sign up for their newsletter, or they might retarget you through Facebook or Google ads.

Generally, people don't buy immediately, they need a number of 'touch points' before they decide to go ahead.

(Immediate sales tend to be impulse buys or when your product solves a problem for them right now - they need a certain gizmo or they're looking for a birthday present, and what you do is perfect.)


7 - 20 Touch Points

But generally speaking, when we come across something we're interested in, it takes a while to actually shop. And there's a number of touch points along that path.

Marketing advice used to be that you needed 7 touch points between the customer first coming across your business, liking what you do, to actually buying.

Now it's said to be closer to 20 as we're constantly seeing new content around us and in our social media feeds.

So - the good news is - if a customer has come across your website and they're not buying, don't be disheartened by that - it may just be the start of that customer journey.


Emails & Retargeting 

How do you encourage that journey?

Well, the first thing is that you want the potential customer to keep in touch with you.

There's two key ways of doing this. You either get them to sign up to your newsletter or follow you on social media, or you take the retargeting route.

With retargeting, your website drops a cookie on your customer's website browser - then when they go onto Facebook, or use Google, those platforms recognise the cookie and show your adverts to that customer.

You can specify to show adverts to everyone who's been on your site in the last 7, 14, 30, 180 days - or some adverts to some groups - you get to choose.

It's one way to keep in their minds - and obviously, it's a paid-for option.

Social media's great, but if you aren't paying for ads, then your posts are a lot less likely to be seen in your follower's feeds.

So, if you can, having a newsletter is by far the more cost-effective way to keep in touch!


Consistent Communication

Once someone's on your newsletter list, how do you keep that communication going?

Well, it's consistent communication, and you need to be good about this and not email once in a blue moon.

If you're reading this post as someone who runs or plans to launch a subscription box, you already have a gift, as every month you've got something new to talk about.

  • You can give hints about what's going to be in that month's box.
  • Say that doors have just opened for new subscribers.
  • Share that the box reveal (if you're doing them) is now live.
  • Promote last orders for that month's box.

Also think what you can do around the topic of your subscription box:

  • Could you do interviews with small businesses who've provided products for in your box?
  • Or talk about some specific products?
  • Can you talk more about the box itself or why you started your business?
  • Post about topics related to your box that they'll be interested in?

You'll have a lot of interesting things you can talk about that aren't just 'buy this subscription box' - those little stories, or things you think will inspire or engage them.

If you're just saying 'buy this box', people will get bored and unsubscribe pretty quickly.

Call to Action or CTA’s

Finally, amongst all this interesting content that you're sharing, do have 'call-to-action's'

Do you already encourage them to learn more about your box on your website, or to buy?

Make sure you're dropping these into your newsletters and your social media feeds.

It doesn't have to be on-the-nose. It could be more casual - e.g., 'Our new box is now available' with a link, and when they click through, there are 'buy now' buttons.


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