3 Tips to Grow Your Subscriber Numbers


Stuck on the same subscriber numbers? People visiting your subscription box website but not buying?

Let's look at 3 top tips to grow your subscription box audience... 


Before you start looking for new subscribers, you need to get some of the ground work done, so when they reach your website or come across your social media, they're excited by what they see. 

How do you do that?


1. Excellent Photographs

Are your photographs well lit? Are they showing off your box to its best possible advantage? Are people really getting an idea of what your box is and what it has in it?

If you were to look at some of the big subscription boxes, how do your photos compare to theirs?

You don’t need to spend thousands on a professional photographer. There are ways to improve the photos you take in-house, or work with a photographer who offers a subscription box service: you'd send your box to them, they'll take your photos and send the box back. This isn’t as expensive as it would be to have a full studio photography shoot.

So, when you're looking at those professional photographs and looking at your own, think to yourself;

  • What is it that they're doing differently?
  • Am I showing off everything that's in the box so people get a clear idea of the type of thing they'd buy?

If you keep your box contents secret, photograph your past boxes so customers get an idea of the quality of the contents.


Also, do you have beautiful lifestyle photos?

By this, I mean are they styled to show the box as though it's in someone’s home and part of their life?

These tend to have props in the background that evoke a whole surrounding, even though you might be looking at a tiny set that has a false background and a handful of little props. These kinds of photographs give the customer an idea of what it's like to have the box in their home.

So - beautiful, well, lit photographs are key. They evoke what your box is going to be like, as well as giving a clarity of information that tells your subscribers what they're going to get in the box.


2. Is Your Website Clear?

How does it work?

Is there a really clear journey for your customer to go through, where you're telling them what will happen? Most people now understand the subscription box model, but just in case, tell them what to expect:

  • They buy their subscription box
  • It gets packaged up and created for them
  • It gets posted out to them on a specific date
  • The cycle repeats unless they want to cancel


Call to action

The next thing, is to make sure that you have clear ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Subscribe Now’ buttons throughout your website. You want to constantly give people the opportunity to subscribe - so think of your main page, gifting, past boxes pages, and your blog post pages.

You might think ‘I'll just need the one, that'll be fine’….


Have them right throughout your page, at the very top, so they don’t have to scroll, then share a bit more information, then have another one, some more information, another one, and so on.


Show your past boxes

This is the key thing that people are looking for when they're thinking about subscribing: Is the quality any good? Am I going to enjoy this box?

So either share with them what they're going to get, or if you're choosing to keep that a surprise for them, show past boxes clearly and beautifully photographed.


Have 'social proof'

Also, don't underestimate the power of social proof: other people saying how fabulous your subscription box is.

Ask your customers for feedback, send boxes to reviewers - you’re looking for a whole selection of comments that say, 

‘This box is amazing, I loved it, my Mum loved it’

‘It was absolutely fantastic’ ‘

It's the best thing since sliced bread!’

Having genuine quotes throughout your website tells your potential customers that your box is quality and that other people are enjoying it. It reassures them.


3. Be Where Your Customer Hangs Out Online.

So this post is all about how to find new customers. And so far, I haven't talked about it at all!

The reason for that is that there's no point in doing all the work to find new customers if, once they land on your website or social media pages, what they're seeing doesn't excite and reassure them.

That's why having great quality images and a website that's set up to convert is the groundwork you need to have in place first, then invest time and money looking for those new customers.


Now - finding new customers. That's something I can talk about for hours.

But let's keep this super succinct for today.

I want you to think about who your ideal customer is. You know, the kind of person that absolutely adores your box? I’m sure you can probably already tell me,

‘Oh, yeah. It's a woman who is 35 to 45, she loves her dog, she likes going walking at weekends, she buys these magazines, etc…’


So the follow-on question from that is;

  • Where is your ideal customer online?
  • Where are they hanging out?
  • What are they doing online - how do they come across businesses like yours? e.g.,
    • Review sites
    • Facebook ads
    • Facebook groups
    • Google search
    • YouTube videos

And then, how can you reach them through that? Use that to focus your efforts in being on those places.


So three super quick tips. They are:

1. Have wonderful photographs on your website

2. Have your website set up to convert

3. Look for where your ideal customer hangs out online and focus on marketing on those channels / places


Before you go!

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