Create a Successful Subscription Box Launch

subscription boxes

When you’re setting up a new subscription box, how do you attract subscribers and ensure the launch is a success?

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This week’s Subscription Box Q&A question is from Sian - and it's a crucial one for first-time subscription box owners:

I really need help on how to start or how to get customers. I did a big launch for weeks and didn't get one subscriber, so I've had to take it all down off my website. Any help would be appreciated.

Launching a subscription box is both exciting and nerve-wracking. Will people like it? Will it get any subscribers? Will it be a success? The list goes on…

Well, to put your mind at ease, there are a whole host of things that you can be doing in the build up to your big launch day to make sure that there are customers ready and waiting for your box. 


It's something we talk about a lot in Subscription Box Academy.

But first up - you'll need to get to know your audience really well!

Let’s talk through the steps you can take to make your successful launch a reality. 

Watch this week’s quick 4 minute video (click on the image above) to learn more.

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