Ask, ask and ask again


If you’ve been around me for a while, you’ll know the importance I put on making your customers the heart of your business. And this comes up time and again, not just as you're starting out.

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I’d heard those words so often in the past, ‘put the customer at the heart of your business’ and thought I was doing it with the businesses I ran before I launched my subscription box, Craftiosity.

I cared. I wanted to make people happy through the products I sold, but it was only when I *really* got it, when - with Craftiosity - I stopped assuming I knew what people wanted and was humble enough to ask, that the business flew.


That’s the first thing I teach in Subscription Box Academy - to go really deep into that work, because *everything* else flies from it. When I meet people whose boxes haven’t taken off or whose growth has stagnated, 90% of the time, it’s because they missed this step and went straight into assumptions.

But here’s the interesting thing.

That work isn’t ‘once and done’.

Four years later, and we’re going through the exact same exercise again.

We’re outgrowing our existing website platform - the functionality isn’t as great as we’d like it to be - both from the customer experience and the back-end logistics - so we’ll be moving to a new platform in the coming months.


Before I assume… I’m checking in with my customers on what they want.

I’m doing exactly what I teach:

- We have a hypothesis of what we *think* our customers would like that we’re not currently offering.

- We reached out to 100 long-term customers, those who’ve been with us for 12 or more months to ask for their input.

- We also reached out to 100 recent customers who came in for one or two boxes then unsubscribed.

It’s important for me to have feedback from both those groups - Why do people love our boxes so much and stay (and what would they like to see improved) and why do people unsubscribe so quickly (and how could we improve what we offer).

The results are in.

Some of the hypothesis were right:

- More flexibility on being able to manage their subscription directly: they can do 80% of this just now, but to skip boxes, they need to email us as our current system doesn’t let them do it directly.

- Ability to buy past boxes / swap to a past box if they don’t fancy a particular craft kit.

- Reduce lead time between buying the first box and it arriving: another bit of functionality that we wanted to improve too.

And some surprised us:

- A high number of recent subscribers who were only in for one or two boxes didn’t realise they had the ability to skip boxes.

- A good number of subscribers asked us for more ways to buy from us: more materials and more projects.

So, if you’re just starting - or if you’ve been going a while and are looking to take the next step up - ask, ask, and ask again.

When it comes to seeing trends in your customer feedback, they always have the gold dust that you’re looking for.

If you’d like support to go through this process, let's have a chat. It’s something I work on with my SBA students and private clients, and we can talk about the best next steps for you.


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