Sort out your Subscription Box Summer Slump


What to do when your subscription box sales have plateaued and you’re stuck in a summer slump.

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This week’s Subscription Box Q&A question is from Ben - and it's one that often comes up for subscription box businesses regarding seasonality:

After a good start, our subscription numbers have become stagnant. Our social media presence is growing nicely along with our mailing list, as well as getting some good business through an online shop. We think our price point is right and can't really afford to drop the monthly price and not sure if offering a free month is devaluing the product.

In summary, it would be great to know the best strategies to continually attract new box subscribers.

So, summer has rolled around and you've noticed that you haven't got as many subscribers coming in...

First of all, don't be deterred. This is completely normal! (And this past blog post showing my own subscription box's seasonality might reassure you of this)

Although summer may be a quieter time of year, there are lots of things that you can be doing to prepare for the busier months ahead.

In other words... planning, planning and (you guessed it) more planning!

Let's talk through how you can ustilise this time to gear up for autumn sales.

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