Should You Personalise Your Subscription Box?

subscription box Aug 12, 2020

The question ‘Should I offer personalisation for my subscription box?’ comes up often when people ask me about starting a subscription box business.

So let's dive into this one! Here's the video transcription...


First up, let’s define ‘personalisation’.

Imagine a customer visits your website and sees a range of subscription options, e.g.: 

  1. If you have a fitness clothing subscription box, you offer the option to give their colour preferences ‘I like blue or pink’.
  2. On a beauty or makeup subscription box website, you could offer your customers the options ‘I have dry skin' or 'I have oily skin’.
  3. You can offer your customer a choice between a ‘Standard’ or a ‘VIP’ box.


If you’re just starting your subscription box or if you’re in the early days of your subscription box business, it’s important to keep it nice and simple until you start to scale, and have the moving parts in place.

So... just have one box that’s going out to everyone. 

The exception to the rule would be something like a beauty or a hair subscription box where not having the option to personalise the product would be a barrier to someone actually subscribing. 

For example, if your potential customer is looking at your beauty subscription box and thinking, “I don't wear bright lipsticks, I prefer neutrals, so this subscription isn’t going to work for me”, lack of personalisation would lose customers. 

But generally speaking, if you're starting out, keep it nice and simple for yourself. You can always look at personalisation or offering a VIP or an entry level subscription box further down the line.  

However, there are a few personalisation options you can offer to help your customers feel special, even when you’re in the early stages. 


3 Key Ways to Personalise Your Subscription Box

1 - Write Welcome Notes

The first way is to personalise your welcome notes. If your subscription contains a flyer that introduces the box or tells customers a little bit more about it, you could look at personalising those notes. 

This is something we did for Craftiosity. The boxes include an A5 postcard for our customers' pinboard (you can see an example in the video).  

On the back, there's a welcome note that introduces them to the project, and I’d write a personalised welcome on each one. 

I’d sign them off with my name and, on the top left corner, write, ‘Hi [customer name]’. It’s a little touch to let customers know they're valued - and it’s the kind of thing you can do in front of the telly one evening!

After we had over 800 boxes going out every month, I wasn’t able to turnaround 800+ personalised welcomes in time, so we now have a handwritten welcome (non-personalised) printed on instead. 

Writing personalised welcome notes is something you can definitely consider when you have lower subscriber numbers, where it might just take an hour or so to write 300 postcards. 


2 - Be Sociable On Social Media

When your customers comment on your posts or tag other people in the comments , it’s important to be sociable - it could simply be saying thank you and replying to their comments.

You’ll get to see the same names coming up and you’ll find yourself getting to know which customers really engage with your brand. 

Whether you personally reply to your customers comments or outsource this task to a virtual assistant or marketing assistant, just keep it friendly, keep it chatty, and keep the conversation going.

If social media’s not your thing, keep in mind that delegating tasks to a virtual assistant can be possible on a smaller budget too. You’ll find my previous post on How to Outsource to a VA right here.


3 - Add Extra Gifts to Your Subscription Box 

You can also add little extra gifts in your subscription boxes every so often. 

For example, when our customers share posts about Craftiosity on social media, we’ll often send them a little extra gift in their next subscription box - it’s a way to show appreciation and personalise their box. 

We don’t add a second mini craft kit to their box, as they might not have enough time to do two crafts in a month. So we add an extra gift like washi tape or a little something they can hang up on their pinboard - a small gift that’s creative and that our audience of crafters would like.

I hope this blog post gives you some ideas to think about how you can personalise your subscription box too!


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