How do I market my new Subscription Box?


Got a question about your subscription box that you’d love answered?

I’m starting a new Subscription Box Q&A series, where each week, I’ll take your questions about launching and scaling up your subscription box.

And we’re starting with a great question from Peta - one I’m often asked by new or yet-to-launch subscription boxes:

I'm at the very beginning of putting my subscription box together and I need to find out how to market my box. Could you please answer this for me?

I remember this so well! All the different avenues of how you could market your box and wanting to make the right choices / learn the best way to make that happen.

Social media, newsletters, paid-for-advertising, Facebook Ads, events, Pinterest, and many more - where to begin…?

Well, there’s two crucial steps (don’t skip these!) that need to happen first.

These are the different between not-much-interest and gaining-fans-quickly, and if you pay them lip service, you’ll be working much harder than you need to.

Curious? Watch this week’s video (click the image above) to learn more.

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