Stuck with marketing? Your Ideal Customer has the answer


Did you have one of those Magic 8 balls as a kid?

You’d ask it a question, turn it upside down and an answer would appear on the bottom.

(Granted, they weren’t nuanced answers - 'The Stars Say So', 'No', 'Ask Me Later'…) 


Think of your Ideal Customer as your subscription box’s Magic 8 ball.

If you’re feeling stuck around marketing and growing your business, 90% of the time, coming back to your Ideal Customer will give you clarity on what to do next.


So, who or what is this Ideal Customer?

Well, the more generic you are - the more you try to talk to everyone - the more you’ll talk to no-one.

It sounds counter-intuitive, but the more specific you are about the key customers you love to serve, the more they’ll hear what you have to say and listen.


You know this already - think of wishy, washy sales messages that go straight past you…

(Those messages are going straight past everyone else too).


Then think of a brand you really like, that you enjoy hearing from.

What is that gives them that vibe?

Is it their playful tone? That they truly get what you’re thinking too - it sounds like they’ve read your mind? 

That's because they’ve taken the time to get specific on who they want to serve - and that specificity attracts you.

So, if you haven’t already, do the same for your business.


Think of one key Ideal Customer (they type of customer who buys from you again, and again, and tells their friends how magic your subscription box is, and gifts subscriptions to others) and get clear on what they’d love to do, say and share.


Then use this to inform your marketing -

- Where they hang out online

- How you reach them

- What you offer

- What you say

And if you've done an Ideal Customer exercise like this before, when was the last time you checked in on this concept? Really thought about who your Ideal Customers are, what delights them, and how you can reach them?


So if you find yourself thinking, 

- ‘I’m not sure what I’m doing’

- ‘I’ve got (your number of) subscribers but I can’t seem to grow it beyond that’

- ‘I don’t know how to make my box more visible, people don’t seem to see me’


...Then get really clear and honest on whether you're seeing them.


Before you go!

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