How to Find Products For Your Subscription Box


If you're starting a subscription box business or have recently launched, finding suppliers for your box might be top of your to-do list!

Let's talk about suppliers and where you can find them - for any type of box.


Early Stages

If you're in the early stages, you might be looking for suppliers for the box itself, for the packaging, for the print that you're going to put into your box - or you're looking for contents for your box, and how you keep it fresh and exciting for your subscribers every month.

Either way, it partly depends on how many subscribers you have - and the quantity of stock you're looking for - as to the routes that are available to finding those suppliers.

If you don't have high subscriber numbers because you're just getting started or your box is growing gradually, then you're mainly looking at your good friends, Google and eBay, to find suppliers with low minimum quantities.


Wholesale / Buying Trade

As you scale, wholesale becomes available to you.

Wholesalers are set up to sell to retailers (like you), so they'll sell to you at a much lower price than it would be if you went into a shop to buy something. 

They do normally have minimum order quantities - something like £200 / $250. Not all do though - so it's worth checking.

And then it's about how you find those wholesalers...



Trade Show Lists

The first is to look at trade show lists. There are trade shows for all kinds of industries - whatever your area or niche, there's bound to be a trade show that will cover that in some way, shape or form.

So find the trade show for your niche and have a look at their exhibitor lists. Obviously, if you can, it's great to go to the actual trade shows, see products in real life and talk to suppliers.

But if that's not possible, then look on their website as they often have exhibitor lists. These will usually include information about the suppliers, what they do and a link to their websites.

You can then research and reach out to those companies, look into their products and costs and, if it's a great fit for your box, ask to open a trade account.


Backwards Engineer

Another option is to backwards engineer.

If you come across something that's been manufactured and that you'd love to put in your subscription box, have a little look on the back of the product and you'll often see who has manufactured it.

Again, use Google, put in 'manufacturer's name', 'wholesale' and the country that you're in, e.g., 'wendy's widgets wholesale USA'. You should be able to find out who the distributor is for that product in your country, and you can get in touch with them.



A great option, especially if you're looking to work with smaller businesses, is to research using hashtags. 

Head to Instagram, and search for hashtags around the thing that you're interested in or niche / theme, and see who's posting products related to that.

Again, you can then just get in touch with them and see if you can work together to supply your subscription box.


Finding Suppliers

It can take a little bit of time to find great suppliers, but keep going and you'll build up your own list of people that you want to work with regularly.

One of the things we do in Subscription Box Academy is to provide The Little Black Book of Suppliers.

It's got over 50 suppliers in it, from boxes to packaging, to components subscription boxes often look for, so takes some of the legwork out and makes it easier for you to hit the ground running.


Before you go!

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