Case Study - The Hooting Pirate's Treasure Box

Welcome to this guest post Case Study with Cara Vincens of The Hooting Pirate's Treasure Box. 

The Hooting Pirate's Treasure Box is for busy women who want to take a little extra time for themselves. It encourages and inspires women to take that time with the items in the box, including lovely gifts, stationery, a mini craft kit, and yummy treats.

As women, we're often so busy taking care of everyone else that there's little time for ourselves. So the Treasure Box takes care of you.

Prior to working with Moira, I still wasn't 100% sure a subscription box was the best fit for me, but I was excited to find out. I was trying to find something new - I used to work with paper planners, but since no one had anything to plan in 2020, that wasn't working for me anymore.

I love getting subscription boxes, so creating my own seemed like a good plan.

Before signing up to Subscription Box Academy, my biggest fear was that once I hit go and started my own box, it would be a long term commitment and I'd be stuck in it even if I didn't like it, but Moira put my mind at ease in our first call.

I got my box off the ground in about 3 months starting with 25 subscribers! It's a great place to start and I know my box will keep growing with what I've learned. 

I love the mindset work with the Subscription Box Mastermind Programme and the one-to-one coaching, I've grown in confidence and I'm more self aware, which has not only helped in my new business but also in everyday life.

I've been surprising myself with things I'm doing that I previously wouldn't have had the confidence to do.

I was pleasantly surprised with how much mindset and inner work there is in these programmes and the results I've experienced were huge and have come quickly. 

I knew from the first video that I watched on Moira's website that she would be amazing to work with, but with every call and email I am constantly amazed by her knowledge and experience, her kindness and generosity and her ability to see what each of us needs even if we can't yet see it for ourselves.
Moira always goes above and beyond when helping us and there are lots of fantastic bonuses that have been added to The Subscription Box Mastermind Programme along the way that have been extremely helpful.
If someone was considering working with Moira I would tell them to do it! Don't hesitate, just jump in! You won't regret it!
There is so much great information in these courses and it's presented in a way that's so easy and doable.
Moira knows her stuff and she goes out of her way to help you get where you need to be. She's gentle but firm, kind and encouraging. The best motivator, cheerleader and mentor all rolled into one fabulous coach!

Cara Vincens
The Hooting Pirate's Treasure Box

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