Case Study - Big Bang Science Subscription Box

case study

Welcome to this guest post Case Study of Subscription Box Academy with Alice Mott of Big Bang Box.

My business is Big Bang Box, a science subscription box designed for 5-12 year olds. This themed science box comes monthly, equipped with everything you need to perform 2-3 experiments and a magazine to accompany it with extra fun facts and more activities.

Before I started working with Moira, I taught science to 5-11 year olds in primary school settings as an extracurricular club. We also ran holiday clubs and parties.

Prior to signing up to do Subscription Box Academy, I'd already decided to create a subscription box and was well on the way to a launch date. With my business coming to an abrupt stop with lockdown I really did have to change the way my business worked and very quickly package it into a box format, Big Bang Science became Big Bang box overnight!

With my business coming to an abrupt stop during lockdown, I really did have to change the way my business worked overnight!

I didn’t have much hesitancy in joining Moira as I knew I didn’t want to make too many mistakes along the way and also needed this idea to work as quickly as was possible!

I  knew joining the SBA academy meant real commitment and accountability and I suppose the only hesitancy I had was my own self-doubt and whether I really could make this happen longer term.

The journey with SBA has really helped to fine tune our product. It has also allowed us to understand it better and who our target audience is and this meant some small modifications to our original ideas.

"We sold about 18 boxes in our first month and 5 months later had sold 100 kits."

The whole process of box packing, which was incredibly daunting in the early days, has become more straight forward and we’ve fine tuned our marketing channels on Facebook and recruited help in the areas to really make the product more professional, such as videos and magazine production.

We've gained the confidence to hand over aspects of the business to experts in their field, freeing up more time for me to do the planning and marketing. With more sales I hope we can do more of this in other areas too.

Subscription Box Academy has fantastic coaching and, although there's been a huge amount to get to grips with, the whole process has been really accessible and very nurturing and friendly.

Subscription Box Academy has fantastic coaching and it keeps you fully on track, but it’s also been a very steep learning curve. There's been a huge amount to get to grips with in a short space of time but the whole process has been really accessible and very nurturing and friendly. It made us feel very comfortable no matter how much we had managed to achieve (or not!)

Moira's always quick to respond to any emails I fire her way, giving me lots of expert knowledge in every step of the box process.

The continued community support and regular group calls with other SBA tutees has been really beneficial. Following their journeys, supporting each other, and celebrating their achievements has been a really great part of the journey.

The rewards of daily sales coming from this hard work are such a great feeling and have become very addictive, it only makes us hungry for more.

Alice Mott
Big Bang Box

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