Case Study - Fundi Subscription Box

case study
Welcome to this guest post Case Study of Subscription Box Academy with Comfort Smithson of Fundi Subscription Box.

I run an African-inspired craft subscription box called Fundi Box. I curate a project every month and send all the materials required to complete the project to the subscribers. Each box also comes with a handmade gift from Africa as a way to encourage and support the artisans in Africa.
The craft kits are made for adults, so 18+, however I do occasionally create children’s boxes mainly around the holiday months. I believe it is important to try and encourage some family crafting as much as possible.
Prior to signing up to Subscription Box Academy, I had just launched Fundi box and I was still figuring out my way around the whole subscription box world. I was and still am doing the business alongside being a stay home mother of two under 4. 
I didn’t have any hesitancy or fear about signing up to SBA and working with Moira. I had seen her work with Craftiosity and I also got to experience their product and service, and I looked up to it all. So I knew if there was anyone I wanted to learn from it would have to be Moira.
To be honest, since working with Moira, I have learned how to run a business while being very mindful of my energy and well being. This is something that I think many other coaches don’t really do. Most focus a lot on just pushing the business and forget that there is an individual or human being behind the business that needs to be in the right state to run the business. 
I really love and appreciate how the modules in Subscription Box Academy were organised and delivered. Nice brief, concise and to the point. And having the access to the downloads really is great because the prompts really got me to organise the business and have some structure and systems in place.
Everything has exceeded my expectations with SBA. The content is as thorough as it gets. The zoom sessions were invaluable. The group really felt like a community and yet Moira still handles us as individuals and addressed our issues at our points of need.
Last but not least, Moira is extremely professional and yet ever so kind and mindful.
Working with Moira is the best decision you can ever make for your business. You get a whole lot more than coaching, you get someone to hold your hand and walk the journey with you, no matter what stage you are at with your business. SBA is worth every single penny and more.
Comfort Smithson
Fundi Box

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