Gift Vouchers for Subscription Boxes

Gifting: Your Super-simple Boost for Subscription Box Sales

Let’s talk gifting and gift vouchers. The easier you can make it for your buyers to gift your subscription box, the more you’ll sell. Simples.

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If you already have gift vouchers in place, high fives! 

If you don’t, this quick guide is for you (it’s really simple, I promise)
(…and very likely to make you more money around key gifting times of year - like Christmas / the Holidays and Mother's Day.)

The truth is, people like to have something physical to give.

So if you’re offering gift subscriptions, that’s either going to be a box, or something printed that tells them when their subscription will start (either a card you post, or a printable version that you email).

There’s a few ways you can do gift vouchers:

- PDF attached to receipt email with info, customer starts with your next subscription box

- Personalised coupon code, customer has (e.g.) 12 months to activate (code written in physical card)

- Personalised coupon code, customer has (e.g.) 12 months to activate (digitally created and managed through a plugin for your shop)

The second and third are great, but take a little more time to set up / can be costly if you’re pushed and want to get something in place quickly.

Let’s walk through the first option. Here’s how you do it:

1. Create your printable PDF.
A one-pager with good images that introduces the lucky recipient to your subscription box and lets them know when they can expect the first one to arrive. 

You could create this yourself in Canva, or find a freelancer on Upwork or Fiverr to set up a template for you. 

Here’s the one we use for Craftiosity (always take inspiration rather than replication - let this help to inspire you, but you do you in your own words!)


We create a new one of these for each month, so they always know that their box will start on the next post date.


2. Your customer will start their subscription with the next post date!

Different website platforms will let you do this in different ways, but a simple solution is this:

- Set up your gift subscriptions as a single purchase product, not recurring: e.g., a single payment called '3 Month Subscription', or '6 Month Subscription'.

- Use the (free up to 100 ‘zaps’ a month) app Zapier to grab the information of each sale, and automatically put it into a google sheet. When a customer buys, a new line will appear in your Google Sheet with their information, including the subscription duration.

- Duplicate this line for the number of months the subscription is for.

- Change the 'product' cell on each line to show the month their box should be shipped. E.g., if a cell initially says, ‘3 Month Subscription’ for the product, edit those to 2022/01, 2022/02, 2022/03 (or relevant months) on each line.

 - At the end of each month, sort your spreadsheet by product, and you’ll see all your gift boxes to ship that month in one place (e.g., all the 2022/01 boxes will be together). Once you ship these, cut and paste the ones you’ve processed into a second tab on the same document, so you keep a past record if needed.

3. Make sure your receipt email links to the PDF.

Upload your PDF as a document to the ‘files’ or ‘media’ section of your website. Look for the option to copy the link for this file location, and copy it. 

E.g., this is what this looks like in the Settings / Files section in Shopify:

Then link to this within your receipt email, so the buyer can download and print straight away.

(Just set a diary reminder to update the link each month!) 

The best bit?

This method - starting with the next available box and automating a gift voucher - lets you keep selling gift vouchers past last post date. It's what I'll be switching my subscription box to later this month (we're currently doing physical cards, if you're curious!)

There will always be last minute shoppers who buy right up until the last minute. And your sub box is waaaaay better than anything they’ll pick up at the petrol station.

Wishing you many new gift subscribers!

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