25 Ways to Boost Your Subscribers for Christmas


For product / gift businesses, the busiest couple of months of the year are coming up, and you might be thinking…

How do I make the most of this and find new subscribers?!

You’re not alone - this is a conversation we’ve had in the Subscription Box Academy group coaching calls, and that I’ve had with one-to-one clients.

So, let’s kickstart your thinking with a nice juicy list of 25 things you can do!


But before we dive into it, one key caveat -

You don’t need to do them all.

 Seriously, overwhelm can paralyse you from taking action, so look through this list, choose your ‘low hanging fruit’ - the one(s) that will be simplest for you to do and create the biggest impact, and go for it.

Some will be actually about finding customers, and some will be around how - once they’ve found you - you encourage those browsers to become subscribers. Both are vitally important. 

Here we go!


Your Website

1. Check your website over - is it clear and easy to navigate?

2. Set up your website for gifting - have a ‘gift’ page, and make it easy to buy, e.g., a 1, 3, 6 month subscription.

3. Take festive photos of your subscription boxes (eg, the background might include any / a number of these: Christmas tree, branches, berries, baubles, fairy lights, etc) for social media and your website.

4. Swap your website banners to festive ones.

5. Have ‘subscribe now’ or ‘buy now’ buttons throughout your ‘subscribe’ and ‘gifting’ pages.

6. Have a ‘call to action’ to subscribe / gift at the bottom of every blog post.

7. Add testimonials, reviews, and any press mention logos to your website (social proof is a wonderful thing!)

8. Add a pop-up to your site with an offer / discount to encourage newsletter sign ups (newsletters can be a huge source of sales, especially in the run up to Christmas).

9. Add a countdown timer to your ‘subscribe’ and ‘gift’ pages for last orders.


Your Offer

10. Make sure you’re set up for gift vouchers - these could be cards you send out, or digital ones customers can automatically download.

11. Promote digital gift vouchers, especially once your ‘last orders’ post date has passed.

12. Plan what box / offer you can sell between your normal last post date and your festive last post (e.g., the Royal Mail last recommended post date).

13. Black Friday weekend - offer a bonus extra or bundle (rather than discounting).



Finding New Customers

14. Create a marketing campaign, e.g., 14 days of Christmas promotion, and decide of something new to do, share or give each day.

15. Keep your eye on journalist request hashtags, e.g., #journorequest and sign up for free daily alerts.

16. Look for bloggers and influencers who might do a box review / film an unboxing video.

17. Join subscription box listing websites (google for your country to find them).

18. Apply to join a 3rd party website that would sell boxes on your behalf, e.g., uOpen or Not On The High Street.

19. Make sure your Facebook pixel is set up, and send out retargeting adverts for people who've been on your website in the past 30 / 60 / 120 days (they already know of your box, and a timely reminder might nudge more sales!)

20. Create a giveaway competition where people can win a box, they just need to comment on your post to enter (this make it more likely others will see it too).

21. Put ‘refer a friend’ offer flyers into your boxes.

22. Offer a friends and family discount for Christmas, eg, 15% off their first box.

23. Make sure your Google Analytics tracking is set up, and use it to see which of your marketing channels are converting well for you - you can tell quite quickly how the changes you make create an impact.


Newsletter Reminders / Offers

24. In addition to your normal newsletters, create a newsletter just about gifting and your Christmas offers (and Black Friday weekend, if you’re doing it).

25. Have a ‘call to action’ banner on the bottom of every newsletter.


This isn’t exhaustive, but these are the key ones I’ve used in the past and see working successfully.

Did you remember to keep overwhelm at bay there? Don’t forget, just choose the key ones you can implement quickly.


If you’d like support in creating a strategy for the next few weeks, and / or going into the detail of exactly how to set some of these up, book into my diary and we can have a chat on how I can best support you.

And if you're interested in learning more about launching or growing a subscription box, you can learn more about my signature programme, Subscription Box Academy, here.

All my best,