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Touchpoints & Your Subscription Box Customer Journey


If you want to improve your subscription box conversion rate, this post's for you!

Here's the video transcript...

So what's a 'Customer Journey'?

Well, you'll know this from your own life experience. It's the steps or the process you go through from first coming across a brand or product, thinking it's interesting and choosing to keep it in mind, to eventually buying.

You might follow that company on social media or sign up for their newsletter, or they might retarget you through Facebook or Google ads.

Generally, people don't buy immediately, they need a number of...

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How to Find Products For Your Subscription Box


If you're starting a subscription box business or have recently launched, finding suppliers for your box might be top of your to-do list!

Let's talk about suppliers and where you can find them - for any industry.


Early Stages

If you're in the early stages, you might be looking for suppliers for the box itself, for the packaging, for the print that you're going to put into your box - or you're looking for contents for your box, and how you keep it fresh and exciting for your subscribers every month.

Either way, it partly depends on how many subscribers you have - and the quantity...

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3 Tips to Grow Your Subscribers


Stuck on the same subscriber numbers?

People visiting your subscription box website but not buying?

Let's look at 3 top tips to grow your subscription box audience... here's the transcript:


Before you start looking for new subscribers, you need to get some of the ground work done, so when they reach your website or come across your social media, they're excited by what they see. 

How do you do that?


1. Excellent Photographs

Are your photographs well lit? Are they showing off your box to its best possible advantage? Are people really getting an idea of what your box...

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Stuck with marketing? Your Ideal Customer has the answer

Did you have one of those Magic 8 balls as a kid?

You’d ask it a question, turn it upside down and an answer would appear on the bottom.

(Granted, they weren’t nuanced answers - 'The Stars Say So', 'No', 'Ask Me Later'…) 


Think of your Ideal Customer as your subscription box’s Magic 8 ball.

If you’re feeling stuck around marketing and growing your business, 90% of the time, coming back to your Ideal Customer will give you clarity on what to do next.


So, who or what is this Ideal Customer?

Well, the more generic you are - the more you try to...

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Masterclass: How To Add £100k To Your Product Business, without Extra Stress, Storage or Staffing

Time for something juicy!

I'm having so many conversations about the subscription box model that I'm going to teach a FREE live masterclass on them very soon, How To Add £100k To Your Product Business, without Extra Stress, Storage or Staffing.

We'll look at the simple systems to set up a subscription box that could transform your business in 12 months - even if you're exhausted & funds are tight.

This Masterclass has now closed, but if you're interested in subscription boxes, you'll love Subscription Box Academy.

In the masterclass, we'll cover:

Why Subscription...

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How to Start a Subscription Box

Let’s get into the nitty gritty - and look at exactly what you need to do to set up a subscription box.

This is my third post in the Subscription Boxes for Product Businesses series, you’ll find the previous two posts here:

- How to add £100k to your Product Business and create passive income with a Subscription Box

- Subscription Box Ideas for Product Businesses

This post assumes you already have a product business and are looking to add or move to a subscription box model, but will apply if you’re completely new to business too.

Step 1. Get inside your...

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Subscription Box Ideas for Product Businesses

Last week I wrote about the subscription box model, and why it’s such a good one to consider if your world has just tipped upside down and you’re having to rethink your business.

Or… if the pandemic has made you rethink how you want to run your business.

If you haven't seen it already, don't miss my FREE guide exploring some of the practicalities of subscription boxes, giving an overview of what to expect.

So now, let’s dig into types of existing product or bricks & mortar businesses and the kind of subscription box you could have.


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Create Passive Income In Your Product Business

Passive income for your product business?

Look, no snake oil.

No cards hidden up my sleeves.

No magic tricks at all.

I normally talk about how to use simple systems to create more ease in your business.

But the conversation I’ve been having this past fortnight is more about business survival.

How do I keep my business going?

How long is this going to last, and how do I need to change if it’s for a while?

And although I normally talk about clarity and systems, I also run a subscription box.

And subscription boxes have suddenly become a much more interesting topic.

Let me be...

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How to pivot your Product Business during the Coronavirus

There’s so much to be said about the current situation - and many are saying it in different ways - but I really want to focus on hope right now.

If you’re running a product business or shop, I know you’ll be dealing with a tonne of stuff, working out how to stay afloat, and wondering / fearing what the future might look like.

 (...and all while you have the kids home!)

 So a couple of gentle reminders, then let’s dive into what the future could (positively) look like.


Gentle Reminder 1 - Focus on what you can control

There’s a lot of...

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How to get Financial Clarity in your Business


If the idea of knowing the numbers in your business makes your stomach leap, this one’s for you!

I know, I know - numbers!

But those little digits are what will ultimately help you create the life you’re dreaming of, and help you make wise decisions on your way there.

They hold a huge amount of information - and the better informed you are, the quicker you grow, and the more money you create or save in your bank account.

I’m covering how to get financial clarity in your business if you don’t already have it…

…and what to look out for when you have those...

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