Let's talk about Automations

The R2-D2 within your business

Wouldn't that be cute? To have R2-D2 cheerily chirping away, keeping you company, making you cups of coffee & sorting out all your tech woes before they happen?

While robotics still has to deliver our little office buddy, the tech exists right now (and easily / affordably) for you to have that little helper within your existing systems.

If this, then that.

Anytime you repeat a process regularly, it's worth exploring whether an automation (no human interaction) or system (process of steps you could delegate, e.g., to a virtual assistant) can be put in place.

Simply, automations recognise that if a certain thing happens, then a 2nd step (or multiple steps) need to happen.

Customer buys a product > Thank you email is sent.

Client wants to book a call with youBooks directly into your diary, video call link created & confirmation sent to them.

New order comes in > Order information is sent to your fulfilment centre to ship the order out.

The first step to creating automations is to recognise what you do regularly, then look at whether an automation could help.

I've shared a free guide below to help you work out what these could look like.

And if you need support to set up these systems (and save time quickly!), I can work with you to create solutions for your exact situation.

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3 Key Email Automations for Small Businesses

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