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Nail Your Subscription Box Offer

Create a subscription box that your customers are excited to buy!

This ecourse shows you how to ensure your customers genuinely want what you're selling with your subscription box - before you spend a chunk of time / money launching.

Already launched? Not selling as well as you hoped? Use this process to learn why, and make the crucial tweaks to turn things around.


You can see your subscription box in your mind's eye.

Maybe you've already created it.

But how do you make sure it's something your customers actually want to buy, and it doesn't launch to crickets?

✨ If you want to test your idea for a subscription box before going all-in to creating one...

✨  If you want to take out a lot of the trial and error of working out what people want, before you spend money on stock that won't sell...

✨ If you want to turn around your subscription box sales, as your box has never really found its audience...

Then this ecourse is for you.

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Nail Your Subscription Box Product will teach you exactly how to get the customer feedback and market research to create a box your customers will love.

Topics we'll cover

✨  Testing assumptions: Your wisdom is only part of the equation, you'll create a much better subscription box when you learn from your customers too. You'll start by getting clarity on your current assumptions.

✨  Direct customer feedback: You'll create a very carefully worded Audience Discovery Survey. I'll show you exactly the questions to ask for honest feedback, where to share it, and how to get over 50 responses, so you have enough information to see the key trends.

✨  Deeper Understanding: You'll use Deep Dive Interviews with key, relevant people to ask more open questions and understand the nuances of your ideal sub box - and get those 'golden nuggets' of insight and inspiration to create something special with your box. I'll walk you through who to ask and how.

✨  Gap in the Market Analysis: There's no point replicating what's already out there. This process gives you clarity on your position in the market and how to stand out from other subscription boxes.

✨  Inspiration Buffet: You'll pull together all you've learned (key trends, deep dive interviews, market research) to create something defined, exciting and wanted by your customers.

✨  Be Unique: I'll walk you through the process I use to take what you've learned to create something unique (we're adding your magical sprinkles to the equation!) and bring your best ideas out.

✨  Constant Visual Reminder: This isn't just an exercise in a book, you'll use moodboards to create a consistent visual reminder of who your customer is, and how to wow them.

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When you've finished this course, you'll have:

✨  Confidence in your offer before you launch.

✨  Or, have clarity on what you need to do to tweak to make your current box more attractive to your customers

✨  Know how to create a unique offering for your subscription box - and stand out from other boxes.

✨  Gain a new audience who want to hear more about your subscription box.

A few things to note:

✨  The ecourse is self-study, so you can work through it in your own time.

✨  It includes bite-size video lessons (with transcripts), templates, swipe files and tutorials, so you have the exact step-by-step process to follow. If you do this, you'll definitely know how to improve your box / validate your idea!

✨  You'll have at least a year's access to the ecourseAfter this time, if the training is ever removed, we'll give you at least a month's notice so you can download any elements you want to keep. 

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Plus - Bonus Time!

Private Student Facebook Group 

When you sign up for Nail Your Subscription Box Offer, you’ll be invited to my private student Facebook group, Moira’s Sub Box & Business Hangout. 🎉

This is the place I’m most active, and full of other incredible business owners like you! And… I do Monthly Office Hours Q&A calls in there, so you can get all your questions answered!

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Join Nail Your Subscription Box Product and create a sub box your customers are excited to buy.


Join the Training!

(Exchange rates fluctuate, but at the time of writing $397 USD is approx UK £293, $561 AUD, $506 CAD, $534 SGD, €346 Euro. You can check more currencies here.)

Nail Your Subscription Box Product is perfect for you if:

💡 You want to test your subscription box idea and make sure it's viable before you do anything else.

💡 You think you know what your customers want, but recognise the value in actually checking that (before spending a heap of money and time setting your Plan A live!)

💡 You get that 'ask your potential customers' makes sense, but feel awkward doing that, and want a step-by-step process (that's non-icky) to follow.  

💡 You know your subscription box is great, but it's not quite hitting the mark with your customers, and you want to find out why (sometimes just a few tweaks are needed!) 

💡 You want to review your existing box with your community / new audiences, and get insight on how you can improve.


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On the other hand, you might want to skip this if...

💡 You've already done work to validate your subscription box idea (ideally with feedback from more than 50 people).

💡 You have a subscription box and it's selling like hotcakes!

💡 You're looking for training on how to design your subscription box branding, what to include in each box, and / or how to source suppliers - we're not covering that in this session (maybe in future!).

Want a sneak peek at what the course looks like? 

Here's what you'll see when you sign up...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ready to create an amazing subscription box? 

Join me for this ecourse and create a subscription box your customers are excited to buy

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(Exchange rates fluctuate, but at the time of writing $397 USD is approx UK £293, $561 AUD, $506 CAD, $534 SGD, €346 Euro. You can check more currencies here.)