The 8 Key Elements to create a $100k Subscription Box Masterclass

The essentials to launch and grow a successful subscription box

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Let's have some truth-talking

I'll be sharing in detail:

✨  What a £100,000 subscription box business looks like - both the subscriber numbers needed, and the logistics. 

(PLUS - I'll take you behind the scenes on what my own subscription box looked like when we reached £100,000 turnover.)

✨   The 8 Key Elements to create a successful subscription box business - we'll dive into much more detail on these.

✨  PLUS - the one key shift in thinking that may totally change how you consider your growth strategy.

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And the best news?

It’s ready for you right now. No faffing about with calendar invites or signing up for an event in two weeks time.

You can do something important & exciting for your business right now.

Even better?

It’s just under half an hour, and you'll have a full week to watch it.

I like to keep things succinct and actionable, so I’ve crammed this masterclass full of useful content (with a useful workbook for notes).

Let's do this!

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The £100k Subscription Box Masterclass

8 Key Elements to create a £100,000+ subscription box business

Sign up below to get instant access to your FREE £100k Subscription Box Masterclass Training - 30 minutes of targeted training to elevate your subscription box.

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