Create a thriving Subscription Box Business


Hi, I’m Moira.

I help people create and grow their subscription box business. 

While we're doing introductions, do any of these sound like you?

✨  You're in the early stages of your subscription box, and want the strongest start when you launch.

✨  Or you're growing and looking to put the systems / support in to scale up.

✨  Or - it happens - your subscriber numbers are stuck and you want to grow.


You're in exactly the right place...

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So, I made some free training for you.

New-ish to Subscription Boxes?


The £100k Subscription Box Masterclass

8 Key Elements to create a £100,000+ (approx $140,000) subscription box business

Get instant access to your FREE £100k Subscription Box Masterclass Training - just over 30 minutes of juicy training to elevate your subscription box.

Looking to scale your subscription  box?


The Subscription Box Scale Up Checklist

Your FREE Subscription Box Scale Up Checklist, with over 40 key elements to have in place to scale up your subscription box. Review, assess and prioritise your growth in less than 15 minutes.

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The £100k Subscription Box Business Checklist

Sign up below for your free £100k Subscription Box Business Checklist with the 8 Key Elements needed to create a successful Subscription Box Business, plus regular emails to help you grow your subscription box.

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Alice Mott

Big Bang Science Box

"I started my subscription box business without thinking I needed support. But with Moira, I can honestly say this has been fast-tracked. I know I will reach whatever target I set!"

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Saj Fareed

Pull and Pin

"Moira shares her trade secrets and talks you through all aspects of running a subscription business. She's so open and approachable - you have her on your side throughout."

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Laura Tulloch

Skimming Stones

"I'd highly recommend Subscription Box Academy. It's well thought out and jam packed with great advice - it's a 'must do' course for ensuring a successful subscription box launch."

Work with me

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Subscription Box Academy teaches you the A-Z of how to create a successful subscription box, including 8 weeks of one-to-one support. This is ideal if your subscriber numbers are stuck, or if you’re still to launch your subscription box.

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The Subscription Box Mastermind is a group acceleration programme. An intensive programme with more direct support, the focus is as much on mindset and increasing your capacity for growth as the practicalities of scaling up your business. 

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Work with me supporting you over an entire day with one-to-one ‘Voxer Days’. Never heard of Voxer? It’s changed the way I coach and my clients love it.



Stuck on less than 100 Subscribers?

Let's give your Subscription Box a Health Check!


If you’re overwhelmed with all-the-things you want to do for your sub box, but stuck on less than 100 subscribers, let’s give your subscription box a health check to move you forward.

(and it's a workshop - so you'll be making productive decisions about YOUR subscription box)

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Who am I?


I'm Moira, I'm the founder and Director of a successful six-figure subscription box, and Coach for small business owners.

My subscription box, Craftiosity, has sent tens of thousands of boxes to our subscribers - but I started with just 22 in the first month, packing them on the kitchen table, and grew with the profits from the business.

(And you can too. I'm here to help you fast-track that.)

I now have a small virtual team (so work from my office at home, sometimes with a cat in my lap), and a fulfilment centre handles creating and delivering our boxes.

What makes it a successful business? It's not just turnover - it's having a healthy profit - and a happy (virtual) team, happy customers, and the freedom to run my business in the way I want.

Sound good? Let me help you with that.


The £100k Subscription Box Masterclass

The 8 Key Elements to create a £100,000+ subscription box business

Sign up to get instant access to your FREE £100k Subscription Box Masterclass Training - just over 30 minutes of juicy training to elevate your subscription box.

You'll also receive regular emails about creating and growing your subscription box. Your details are never shared, and you can easily unsubscribe at any time.

Keep in touch

Join my FREE Subscription Box Community for new guides, Q&As, inspiration and offers by email. 

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Cara Vinvens

The Hooting Pirate's Treasure Box

"Moira knows her stuff and goes out of her way to help you get where you need to be. She's gentle but firm, kind and encouraging. The best motivator, cheerleader and mentor all rolled into one fabulous coach!"

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Emily Dawe

Oh Hello Maker

"SBA was incredible, I have learnt so much and having a weekly call with Moira was invaluable. I wouldn’t have launched if it wasn’t for Moira and her knowledge."

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Faith Peter

Stressed Out Mamas

"I highly highly recommend Subscription Box Academy! It took me from not knowing a thing to launching my box! It gave me amazing teaching and swipe files, along with the great weekly chats - they helped a lot."

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